Student Home Konvikti


Student Home Konvikti is a home for undergraduate students, primarily in the field of theology, in somewhat central Helsinki. The student home, which houses 35 residents, is maintained by association Ylioppilaskoti Konviktin kannatusyhdistys ry. (The Supporting Association of Student Home Konvikti, registered association). Student home consists of two parts, Iso Konvikti of five apartments in Kruunuhaka, Helsinki and Pikku-Konvikti of two apartments - received as legacy - in Kaartinkaupunki, Helsinki.

The residents of Konvikti form a society. The term Konvikti comes from the latin word convictus, meaning sociable cohabitation. The society has its own traditions, into which new residents are initiated. In Freshmen Party freshmen become novices and in the Day of Wrath novices become victors or victorines.

Contact Information

Master of the House The master of house is on vacation from 22th of June to 22th of July.

Juha Leinonen
apotti (at)
Meritullinkatu 22 B 8
Suomi/Finland, Europe

Iso Konvikti (Convictus maior)
Meritullinkatu 22 B, (huoneistot 3-5 ja 7-8)
Suomi/Finland, Europe (Map)

Pikku-Konvikti (Convictus minor)
Pieni Roobertinkatu 4-6 L, (huoneistot 59 ja 60)
Suomi/Finland, Europe (Map)

Do you wish to become a resident?

Konvikti offers single-resident rooms mainly for undergraduate students of theology. The criteria for accepting include talent (school grades), family wealth and distance from Helsinki.

The residents may have their own furniture, but Konvikti offers a bed, a cabinet, a shelf, a table and a chair. Kitchens and utensils are in common use. Living in Konvikti entails communal obligations, such as participating in cleaning the common areas. The society also has positions of trust, which are matters of honour.

Applying to Konvikti happens in the autumn (see notifications in Finnish or as Google Translated to English).

We have shifted to electronic application. The application form is currently only in Finnish.

Some rooms also open up during the winter months as residents finish their studies. Of these rooms you may request more information from the Master of House, see contact information above.